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March 3, 2002
Started a diet Friday. This is going to suck. Oh well. I gotta lose the excess weight, so here we go. Haven't had too much trouble....yet. Went back to square one in my competition. Added a new topsite as well today. Got approved for another webring too. All is well and good around here I would suppose. ~~ C. Lynn

February 24, 2002
I keep moving up in the competition I'm in. I'm to the semi-final round...Castle Bard. If I win there, I go to King's Bard. If I win there 4 weeks in a row, I'll retire from Bards of Fortune and try my luck in another competition. It's all for fun, I'm not out to win the big prizes or anything. :o) ~~ C. Lynn

February 20, 2002
Happy B-day to Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell. I like BSB. :o) Hey, gimme a break, I missed the boyband stuff when it was big with NKOTB. So now I'm teeny bopping. No word as of yet on my aunt. Apparently things are working out all right so far. My mom is driving me nuts, because the stupid doctors won't get off their butts and do something so that her prescriptions can be refilled. On a good note...the dang ATM card finally started working. I'm outta here. ~~ C. Lynn

February 12, 2002
I'm waiting to hear news on my aunt. She is in the hospital, not expected to live. She has emphysema & lung cancer. I pray that if the Lord is ready, that he takes her peacefully, and does not make her suffer any longer. I am also feeling a wee bit patriotic, as there is another alert, this time for an attack that could take place as early as today. This is getting ridiculous. Terrorists.... 3 words.... get a life. ~~C. Lynn

February 9, 2002
Bored, bored, bored. LOL..That's what I am. And kind of tired. Got accepted into Bards of Fortune. If you like the stuff I've written, gimme a vote. Please?? Not a whole lot to say. Went out to eat and tested the ATM card while I was out. Been a week and it still doesn't work. Sheesh. Ok, I'm outta here. ~~ C. Lynn

February 8, 2002
First blog entry and I haven't got a clue about what I want to say. Go figure, I haven't got a clue as to what to say. Oh well. Hope you enjoy my poems. It's gonna take a while to get them all posted, cuz there's a boat load of them. ~~ C. Lynn